From the Pastor, March 30, 2016

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The hustle and hubbub of Holy Week and Easter are now behind us, and in worship we will return to working our way through the Gospel of Luke. In august of last year, we began a year-log journey through all four Gospels entitled “Come Meet Jesus.” It is significant for any Christian community to spend time getting to know who Jesus is through a careful study of the gospels. Out beyond the “cultural wars” and all the media hype about religion, unfettered by politics and consumeristic tastes, is the Jesus whom everyone admires, but too few of us really know.

During this year, as we have looked closely at the four gospels of the New Testament, we are asking, “Who is Jesus and why is he doing these things (Mark)?” In Matthew we discovered that Jesus teaches a way of wisdom and mystery, and now in Luke we are exploring his way of love and justice. Later this spring when we begin our study of John we will see how Jesus shows us a life deeply connected to God.

This Sunday we will revisit the story of the encounter two disciples had with the risen Jesus as they walked to Emmaus, considering the relationship between the resurrection of Jesus and hope. Then we will return the next Sunday to earlier sections of Luke. You are always encouraged to bring your Bible with you and follow along, and read further on your own.

I am glad to be on this journey with you, and to serve as your pastor.