From the Pastor, March 16, 2016

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Holy Week, that time between Palm Sunday and Easter, is really the time in which every Christian should take time to pause and carefully consider who Jesus Christ is to them, and what it means to follow Jesus. It is a time in which we explore the full range of human emotions – from delirious joy to total bewilderment to anger to fear to incredible grief, and then on to joy again.

Holy week is designed to move us at the deepest levels of our hearts, minds and souls. This year, as we journey through Luke’s telling of the last week of Jesus’s life, we skip through the streets with the people who jump and shout as Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem.

We will share a meal on Thursday at Faith Lutheran that commemorates the Passover meal Jesus shared with his closest associates only hours before he is betrayed by one of his inner circle and arrested by the very religious leaders that should have welcomed his message.

Then on Friday at our own church we will contemplate how we have denied Jesus, along with Peter. We encounter the raw mockery of justice at Jesus’ trial, and experience the full force of all the injustices that infest our world.

And then, on Sunday morning, we celebrate all the ways in which Jesus lives in the world and in our personal experience. On a road, talking with travelers? In a room, sharing a meal? Breaking bread? In our tears? In our laughter? In those moments of deepest darkness, when somehow a word rises above our despair, “I know that my Redeemer lives?”

Holy Week is for you, it’s for me, it’s for every person who looks at the world and shakes their head, and, as the coffee mug says, “It’s for all the days of the week that end in ‘Why?’”

See you in church!

Pastor, Craig
Rev. Dr. Craig S. Pesti-Strobel
Coburg and Junction City United Methodist Churches
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Love, above all.
Above all, love.