From the Pastor, April 13th Update

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May has become a very busy month for me. Susan’s son, Benny, and his wife, Lani, will be visiting us May 3-5.  They are flying up from Berkeley, California, and we will pick them up at PDX Tuesday morning.  We will spend time with them, although I plan to be in the office Wednesday morning.  Then, on Saturday May 7th, Susan and I will travel to Salt Lake City with the Coburg UMC Volunteers-In-Mission Team to spend the week working at the UMCOR West Depot.  We return on Friday the 13th.

Sunday, May 15th is Pentecost, which we will celebrate together with Faith Lutheran at their church. Which makes me think: Do you read/speak a language other than English? I am looking for readers of various languages to share in a multi-lingual reading of the Pentecost story that morning. Please let me know if you could lend your talents and knowledge.

Susan and I then spend some vacation time the next two weeks as we travel to Tennessee to attend Dawn’s high school graduation on the 21st. Nadine Wiles is in charge of worship that morning, and may feature a lot of music. I’m in favor. Susan and I will make our return trip that next week, arriving Thursday evening.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel that there may be no “incidents or accidents along the way,” as a former parishioner used to pray. We will continue to hold you in our thoughts and prayers during this time.

Please contact Sue Huntley or Peggy Potterf in case of pastoral care needs, and they will help coordinate an appropriate response.

Your pastor, Craig