Covid-19 “Do No Harm”

The founder of Methodism, Rev. John Wesley, gave three rules for Methodists:

  • Do no harm
  • Do good
  • Stay in love with God and neighbor

Following his admonition to “Do no harm,” we have adopted the following practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any group of two or more is to do the following whenever gathering at the church:

Our intent is that all who enter here stay safe, do good and take care of others.
With the current health concerns we are putting the following expectation of building care in place:
• All who enter will be wearing a face mask and continue to wear it while in the building.
• Social distancing will be kept (6 feet spacing) for each family unit.
• There will be no physical contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.).
• Doors will be propped open for entrance and exiting without touching the door.
• All will sanitize hands immediately inside the two main entrances.
• A record of all who are in attendance and their contact information will be
made upon entrance. The church can keep or must know who is in charge of keeping.
• Before leaving sanitize area(s) used. Please pay extra attention sanitizing commonly touched items such as door handles. Don’t forget the bathrooms.
• Please use our cleaning products found in the hallway janitor closet.
• Instructions of product use are posted inside. If product is low notify the office.

We appreciate your help in keeping our building Safe for All.