Ministry Action Plan & Renovation Timeline

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Dear Friends and members of Junction City United Methodist Church:

Our present Church building was built in the mid-1940s. It has served us well for 70 years! At least three generations have been born and raised within its walls, and have received the grace of the Love of Jesus Christ and warm Christian fellowship. Nearly three decades ago, church leaders and members recognized the limitations of our building and dreamed of a new facility, and purchased property for that new facility. Over the course of the next three decades preliminary plans were drawn up for that new facility, but plans for building hit various snags, including the estimated costs, extent of site improvement that would be required (adding to the cost), and other factors. The dream got put on hold.

Prior to my arrival in 2015, the church leadership determined that it was time to make a decision regarding that property. A proposal to sell was presented to the church at a Church Conference, wherein it was determined to have a committee explore options before selling. That information came before the church again, and the church leadership evaluated it, and at another Church Conference presented that information along with a proposal to go ahead and sell the property, having determined that we did not have the financial resources to undertake a new construction and site improvement project. After much discussion, the majority of people at that Church Conference decided to sell the property.

The property was sold in the spring of 2016, and the proceeds of that sale have been put into two separate interest-bearing accounts to be used for the sole purpose of making improvements to church property. We are now at the point at which we can address the structural improvements and renovations we need to make our building more accessible, energy efficient, suitable for developing new forms of ministry, and flexible to host projects and events that benefit our community.

In order to appropriately carry out such a building renovation, the Discipline of the United Methodist Church requires us to follow certain steps, and engage in continuous consultation and communication with the congregation and the District. I have written about the many steps in previous e-mails. I will post a Timeline of the steps involved for everyone to see, but I have attached a copy for you to have as well.

One of the steps required is for a study committee to develop a plan for ministry, which we call the Ministry Action Plan (MAP). The Leadership Team and I have consulted together and have come up with a MAP that we would like to present to you, the friends and members of JCUMC. We are calling a Church Conference to be held immediately after worship on Sunday, February 12th, at 12:30 p.m. We will meet in the sanctuary, and following the Church Conference we will gather for a fellowship lunch of lasagna, bread and salad, compliments of the church leadership.

I have attached to this e-mail a Summary copy of the Ministry Action Plan, as well as a projected Timeline of the building renovation. I strongly urge you to read over the MAP very carefully, so that you can be fully informed when we gather after church on the 12th to discuss and vote on the MAP. At that Church Conference we will also elect a Building Committee whose job is to develop a prioritized list of renovation and accessibility needs to give to our architectural firm, Arbor South, who will then develop a preliminary set of design plans and cost estimates for the church to consider.

This is a major undertaking. We will continue to communicate with everyone by means of e-mail, mailings for those who don’t get e-mail, announcement in church, bulletin board postings, Facebook, and specially-called meetings. I will need everyone to do their part and take responsibility for reading everything that is made available and keep informed. Ask questions as we go along. I am always available to answer questions you may have in person, by phone or by e-mail. I will gladly discuss anything that might need further explanation or consideration.

I thank you ahead of time for your Christ-like grace and loving fellowship as we move forward with finally achieving our dream of making our facility a welcoming, inclusive and highly functional Church building that radiates the warmth and love of Jesus Christ.

I am honord to serve as your pastor,

Timeline for Building Renovation

Ministry Action Plan-Summary