Charge Conference 6/10/20 4pm via Zoom

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That is right……We are having a Charge Conference in June. This will not replace the Charge Conference that will take place in the fall.
District Superintendent Reverend John Tucker has been working with your Staff, Parish Relationship Committee (SPRC) to come up with a plan for the next year that is best for all concerned. All of us have reviewed, asked questions, prayed (a lot) and consulted with Arnie our treasurer and DS John several times over the last month. The plan that we would like to put forth to you is that for the next year Pastor Craig be 3/4 time at our church. Arnie has crunched the numbers many times for us and we can make this work. Finances are looking good at this time.
This charge conference will just be the Pastor’s Pay Package. Increasing from 1/2 time to 3/4 time will be an increase of $1,038.00 a month. This will start July 1st. District Superintendent John Tucker will oversee this Charge Conference.
It will be a Zoom meeting. For those of you who do not do Zoom we will find a way to include you. It may be one of us will call you and keep the phone on. We will do what we can in these difficult times. The pay package page will be presented and explained at this meeting. A link to the Zoom meeting has been included in the Church Update emailed to you. If you need a link and password to the meeting, please contact Susan Inman or Sue Huntley.
The difference between a Charge Conference and a Church Conference is this: According to the Book of Discipline (in simple language): Church Conference is an ALL church meeting where all are welcome and all members can vote on a decision. Like the selling of the property or building plans for the remodel. Charge Conference is where all are welcome to attend. Only elected members will vote. I am giving you a bit today to mull over and pray about for a week. Next week we will do another update with more details as they are clearer for us. If you have questions that can not wait OR you need a Zoom meeting link and password, please contact: Susan Inman, Leadership Team Leader: 541-890-2009 or Sue Huntley, SPRC Chairperson: 541-998-2480